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    What is UnLtd India?

    UnLtd India is a launchpad for social entrepreneurs in India. Our mission is to find, support and grow entrepreneurial individuals with ideas and passion to bring about long-lasting solutions to pressing problems in India. Our work enables these individuals to develop as leaders and their fledgling ideas into high impact and sustainable organisations.

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    When was UnLtd India formed?

    UnLtd India was co-founded by Pooja Warier and Richard Alderson in 2007, and began work by supporting a small group of 7 social entrepreneurs. This has now grown to close to 190 social entrepreneurs directly.

     What is UnLtd India registered as? Does it have 12A, 80G and FCRA?

    UnLtd India was registered as a non-profit in 2009 as ‘Social Entrepreneurs Foundation India’ under the Section 8C (earlier known as Section 25C). Social Entrepreneurs Foundation India is our legal name and UnLtd India is our brand name. We have 12A and 80G to provide tax exemption to local donors in India. We have a permanent FCRA to accept money from foreign donors.


      Who does UnLtd India support?

      We support individuals and organisations at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys (typically in years 0-5 of their venture’s lifecycle.) We support both non-profits and social enterprises. Please read more about our selection criteria and process here 

       Who is an UnLtd India incubatee? And what is an Affiliate?

      Incubatees are the early stage social entrepreneurs supported by UnLtd India. Read here for more information.

      Affiliates were partners who were trained to adopt and replicate our model to support early stage social entrepreneurs in their city/state. All UnLtd India affiliates have now been phased out, in a strategic shift to a project office model to scale UnLtd India's work. We currently have one project office in Delhi (NCR).

      What is UnLtd India’s view on sustainability?

      We believe that sustainability is the entrepreneur and the enterprise's ability to attract the resources required to run his/her organisation in the long-term. We also believe that these resources can be attracted by generating revenue and/or by raising support from donors. Through our work, we have seen that sustainability is influenced by the issue being addressed, the stage of the enterprise and the skills/experience of the entrepreneur. UnLtd India's key role is to work with the entrepreneur to design a model that is appropriate for all three factors and is sustainable in the long-term.

      • Does UnLtd India charge a fee for its non-financial support?

        No. Our tailored business coaching and non-financial support is offered is free for all our Fellows.

        • How does UnLtd India define social entrepreneurship ?

          We believe a social entrepreneur is anyone who is taking action to create positive social change through a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid social venture. Because we believe that social entrepreneurs can address a variety of social issues from many different angles we are model and sector agnostic, working across every vertical from education, livelihoods, health, environment, and many more.

          • How long does UnLtd Indias support last?

            We support our Fellows for one year, however, Fellows can reapply for support for a total of up to three years.

          • PROGRAM

            How is UnLtd India different from its peers?

            While we have a number of peers that do incredible work in India and globally, we see our USP in the following:

            • First Supporters: We find, support and grow social entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of designing the first pilot on the ground. This is almost before any other funder/investor does.
            • Entrepreneur centric: We focus on both the personal growth of the social entrepreneurs as effective leaders, and the growth of their ventures into high-impact organisations.
            • Comprehensive and tailored support: We design processes that are built to serve the needs of the social entrepreneur at different stages of their life cycle. We also strengthen the external eco-system around our social entrepreneurs, such as experts, mentors and follow-on funders and investors.

            UnLtd India is recognised by its peers for creating a consistent pipeline of exceptional leaders and high impact solutions.

            How does UnLtd India measure its impact?

            We assess the effectiveness of our model against the following indicators:

            Impact on the beneficiary communities – This includes Number of beneficiaries, Jobs created and Customised indicators for sectors. For instance Increase in Learning Outcomes for Education and Increase in Income for Livelihoods.

            Accelerated growth of the organisations in our portfolio – This includes Achievement of key organisational milestones, Number of social entrepreneurs moving through our staircase of support at different stages, Amount of Follow-on Funding Raised or Revenue Generated, % of social entrepreneurs operating at scale and city/state level, % of social entrpreneurs stating that UnLtd India’s support has played a significant role in their organisation’s growth and the Number of Organisations running after exiting the program.

            Accelerated growth of the social entrepreneurs as leaders – This includes achievement of key leadership milestones and % of social entrepreneurs stating that UnLtd India’s support has played a significant role in their leadership journey.

            • GET INVOLVED

              Can UnLtd India allocate your support and funding to specific sectors or issues?

              Yes. We can allocate your funding to specific sectors or issues. We can also allocate your funding to a specific model, i.e. non-profits and/or social enterprises.


              What does your support or funding cover?

              Our support can cover three things – All Costs of supporting a Social Entrepreneur and/or All Costs of training and supporting an Affiliate and/or UnLtd India’s Operational Costs.


              How can I support UnLtd India?

              You can write to us at We will then arrange a call or a meeting with you to understand how we can work with you. 


              Can I support UnLtd India’s Social Entrepreneurs directly?

              Yes! Supporting our social entrepreneurs directly is equally important to us as supporting UnLtd India. Go HERE to select the social entrepreneur you would like to support. You can either contact them directly or you can write to us at and we can put you in touch with them.