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Avanti Fellows

Level 2, 2012; Level 2, 2011; Level 1, 2010

Avanti Fellows is a mentorship program that focuses on providing underprivileged students the guidance and support they need to make the most of their undergraduate education. Fellows are paired with mentors at India's best undergraduate schools who help them best prepare for competitive exams and cope with the intense academic and social pressures of their undergraduate years. It aims to benefit 1000 students over the next 3 years. To date Avanti Fellows has enrolled ~350 students, of which at least 90% are expected to gain admission to Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges.

Krishna Ramkumar is an IIT graduate and has more than 2 years of consulting work experience with the Boston Consulting Group. While studying for the IIT JEE examination, Krishna realized the economic barrier posed by the coaching industry for entry into premier institutes. Furthermore, he noticed that many seats reserved for backward communities in these institutes remained vacant as individuals were unable to meet the minimum standards set by the institutes. Krishna is also a 2012 Echoing Green fellow.


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Krishna Ramkumar